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Our services are relevant throughout the home building process. Inspect it Right Carolinas home inspectors can gather valuable information for the new homeowner at various stages of the building process:

  • Pre-pour — Inspect the foundation prior to placement of concrete, reinforcing steel, formwork plumbing, and any electrical work.

  • Pre-drywall — Inspect structural framing and roofing, electrical and plumbing rough-ins, mechanical work-in-place and other work-in-place prior to drywall installation.

  • New Home — Identify any items that need attention prior to the final walkthrough with your builder. This gives you leverage to address these issues before making the last bank draw

We’ll document our findings with photos and verbiage to ensure all concerns found are easily to locate.

What we do at Inspect It Right Carolinas is give prospective homeowners peace of mind to ensure their significant investment is protected. We will inspect everything we would in a standard home inspection but also keep a keen eye for anything cosmetically incorrect and/or items which appear they may fail in the near future. We are not code inspectors or experts on every single component in your home but we are highly trained generalist home inspectors that will climb on your roof (if accessible & safe), crawl your crawlspace, inspect your attic and all of the systems in between.

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