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Generally there are two types of condo/townhouse inspections:

Condo/ Townhouse Inspection

Similar to a home inspection but we also look at the exterior of the crawlspace (if applicable), adjacent siding, roofing, and attic for major concerns. Generally speaking, most of these structures will be the responsibility of the HOA but some owners like to have a very general overview of the exterior of their complex. We do not do a full home inspection of the entire complex- just the components directly adjacent to the exterior of the unit we are inspecting. 

Condo Inspection "Interior Only"

Some condo purchasers request to have just the interior of their condos inspected prior to purchase. At Inspect It Right Carolinas, we don’t recommend this type of inspection, but we will perform it if you desire.

An interior only inspection means that no commonly owned areas of the condominium will be inspected. The inspection will include electrical in the condo, major appliances, plumbing, etc. It will not include common walls, structure of the building, etc.

The reason we do not recommend this type of inspection is because it excludes the condition of the building and systems that apply to all owners. As a buyer, if one of these systems breaks, you are responsible for your portion of the repair as an owner in the complex. 

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